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Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice often occurs when a medical care provider acts or fails to act in a manner consistent with the appropriate standards of care.  The injuries suffered by the patient that may result from such failures can be permanent and life-altering for both the patient and their families. Due to the complexity of medical issues, the costs associated with a full and proper analysis of the circumstances and the required expert testimony, medical malpractice cases are often intricate and costly cases to bring to trial.

Having successfully pursued complex and more straight-forward medical malpractice claims, the focus of our firm is always on injured individual’s future needs and the resources needed to compensate them for harm that should not have occurred.

Catastrophic Injury
Damages suffered in a serious or catastrophic accident can be extensive and may result in bodily harm and disability, as well as economic or compensatory damages reflected in loss of employment, wages and the destruction of property. Whether you are faced with ongoing medical expenses, loss of wages due to injury or loss of employment, our office will support you in achieving full or partial compensation. We will also assist you in recovering compensation for damages including medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering.

The spectrum of serious and catastrophic injuries is diverse and may result from recklessness, carelessness or misconduct on the part of another person. Catastrophic injuries may be the result of an automobile accident, product liability, a slip and fall accident, pedestrian accident, dog bite, medical malpractice or wrongful death. You may be entitled to full or partial compensation if you or someone you love has suffered any of the following serious and catastrophic injuries:

• Broken Bones
• Severe Head Trauma
• Brain Damage
• Internal Damage

• Paralysis
• Scarring
• Amputation
• Wrongful Death

• Neck and Spinal Injuries
• Joint Injuries
• Disfigurement
• Burns

Personal Injury
Personal injury lawsuits are the result of someone’s negligence toward another, causing bodily injury or harm. In the state of Maryland, you must prove that you have been injured by another party’s careless or reckless actions to win a personal injury claim. Physical personal injury may include: disfigurement, loss of limb, permanent or disfiguring scars, disability, and loss of one of the five senses. Mental harm might include: emotional trauma, mental anguish, embarrassment, or loss of enjoyment. Whether your injuries were caused by an accident, malicious intent, or a defect in a product’s design, production or labeling, you have the right to seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

▪ Birth Injuries
▪ Loss of limb or
range of motion
▪ Slip and Fall liability
▪ Spinal and neck injuries
▪ Car Accidents
▪ Construction Accidents
▪ Medical Mistakes

▪ Dog Bites
▪ Drunk Drivers
▪ Elevator Accidents
▪ Hit and Run Cases
▪ Machinery Accidents
▪ Misdiagnosed disease

▪ Motorcycle Accidents
▪ Nursing Home
Neglect & Abuse
▪ Pedestrian Injuries
▪ Unsafe Toys
▪ Wrongful Death

There is a statute of limitations in Maryland that applies to all personal injury cases.  The statute of limitations refers to the limit in the amount of time a victim has to pursue legal action. It is important that you consult a personal injury attorney in a timely fashion if you believe you have a claim that needs to be investigated and pursued.

Failure to Act
There are certain situations where person or business entity has an affirmative duty to act such that liability will be imposed for failing to act. This is often the case when a patient is under the medical care of a doctor or hospital. It may also apply to innkeepers, common carriers and other business relationships.

Criminal Defense
Too much is at stake to put your criminal case in the hands of an attorney or law firm that is only interested in a quick plea bargain.  Personal attention to detail and the facts of your case are essential elements for the most favorable outcome when your personal liberty is at stake.  That is what we aim to provide for each individual client..Contact our firm now for legal representation that is aggressive and focused on protecting your rights.

▪ Drug charges
▪ White Collar Crime
▪ Weapons and crimes of violence
▪ Robbery and theft
▪ Juvenile cases

While traffic citations and other infractions may range from the simple scenarios to those with much more drastic consequences, it is important to seek aggressive legal representation immediately. Our law firm is equipped and experienced in effectively handle charges such as driving under a suspended license, careless driving, reckless driving, speeding, failure to stop or obey a traffic signal, driving while texting, expired license and or registration and more.

Business and Family Law
A business dispute can occur in many ways. Usually, a business dispute arises between businesses when they disagree over the terms of a contract they have entered into. A business dispute can also arise over property disputes, billing issues or other disagreements. Our office has years of experience dealing with business disputes between smaller business entities, such as local restaurants, landlord /tenant disputes, to those involving oil companies, record labels and other larger businesses.

In order to mount a worthy defense for impaired driving, we analyze all aspects  the circumstances of your case, including the propriety of the stop and the procedural pre-requisites that lead to the arrest and detainment.  Once a thorough analysis of the facts and circumstances is made, we will discuss all options with our clients and proceed in a way that is most effective and beneficial for a quick and fair resolution.